The World Awaits You...

Pathways ICCA offers a range of diverse opportunities to both ICCA students and alumni alike, as well as to those in the industry seeking to progress in the culinary world.

International Internships

The ICCA Abu Dhabi International Internship Program provides ICCA students and alumni the opportunity to gain valuable international work experience, real-world insights into their chosen culinary field in the country of their choice.

International Internships are provided for the following countries:

a. USA

Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in the program or those who have graduated no more than 12 months prior to his/her internship program start date

b. Spain and France

Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in the program

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Skilled Migration to Australia

ICCA Abu Dhabi, together with a consortium of leading Industry specialists, helps provide chefs with industry experience a turnkey solution for Employment and Skilled Migration to Australia.

The initiative helps experienced chefs chart their career advancement to a destination of their choice, with all necessary assistance provided at every stage of the process until successful completion. The said service and support entails assessing the chef’s knowledge, skills and language proficiency, and, if required, enhancing them to the levels required for employment and migration through elaborate gaps training along
with counselling as required.

In addition, complete support will be provided for the candidate to take up Trades Recognition Australia Interviews and Assessments with utmost confidence, with assured work placement in Australia being the outcome for successful candidates. Expert handling of all statutory documentation will also be provided to ensure smooth and seamless document control and a time bound progression of each case to its successful completion.

Note: Each of the Pathways programs offered is subject to respective Terms and Conditions. For more information and counselling, please contact the Pathways ICCA Team.

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